Lemosho Route - 8 Days

Lemosho Route. (Climb 8days)

Day 1, Drive from Hotel in Arusha/Moshi to Londrossi Gate2200m a.s.l. (7330ft) for registration. After drive back to starting point crossing Fill’s farm’s, mixed planted trees, under the trees they farmers plant different Vegetables eg, Carrots, Round Potatoes. Drop from Car,at rain Forest, start walk 5km/4hrs,big animal’s found, Elephants, Buffalo’s and Eland, Birds and others small, and beautiful flowers. Arrive at Forest Camp, 2830m/9430ft. overnight here.


Day 2,Climbing from Big tree to Shira 1, 4/6hrs/7km,elevation 3509m/11690ft, walking in a narrow path to Heather moorland, going uphill Shira Plateau ridge, landscape covered with Erica family tree’s species with Savanna grass land. Arrive at shira1 camp, for dinner and overnight, if the sky is clearly you can view see Kibo.


Day 3, There 2 options, after heavy breakfast 4/5hrs/6km, upper route to Shira Cathedral 3920m/13060ft for acclimatization, afterward, climbing to shira 2 camp 3840m/12800ft, and overnight here. Or take lower route crossing rescue road, directly to Moe hut campus 4200m/14000ft. overnight here, have your dinner.


Day 4,After breakfast 5/6hrs/9.5km, climbing through Rock desert zone, via Lava Tower for more acclimatization, at 4605m/15350ft,have lunch here, then descend down to Great Barranco camp 3940m/13130ft. The landscape is awesome, amazing views. Dinner and sleep.


Day 5, After breakfast 3/4hrs/5.5km, Rock climbing, Barranco wall elevation 4200m/14000ft, keep going to Karanga camp 4000m/13330ft. You will have hot lunch, after gate rest at the Karanga camp and overnight.


Day 6,In morning ascent from Karanga camp 3/4hrs/5km to Barafu Hut 4620m/15400ft,gradually Walking at Alpine desert, this had day to conquering 6hrs/5.5km climb the top of Kilimanjaro, Stella point 5756m/19180ft Uhuru Peak(Freedom peak) 5896m/19650ft. Few minute taking photos, 3hrs descending down to Barafu Hut.


Day 7, Branch (food) rest 1hr, after going all the way down to Mweka Hut 3100m/10330ft,last night, and dinner.


Day 8, After early morning breakfast, 4hrs/8km, descending down throughout rain Forest to Mweka gate 1760m/5860ft. Sign out, and have certificate of hard work you did.
Drive back to hotel having another time tables.


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Cost Breakdown:
Adults: Group: $2070, Mid-range: $2350,
Children: Group: $2070, Mid-range: $2350,