7 Days Machame Route

Kilimanjaro Climb via Machame route - 7 days

Day 1, Drive,   from   hotel   to   Machame   gate, starting point Elevation 1900m a.s.l.   4hrs/5hrs walk   in   the   rain   forest, you will   see flora and   fauna. Arrive Machame   hut 300m a.s.l. Over Night.


Day 2, from Machame   hut   to Shira Caves, 3805m a.s.l. About 4hrs Walk.  Seen   different   landscape   over   view down   the rain Forest. As well as   spectacular view   of Mount   MERU.OVER NIGHT.


Day 3, after heavy breakfast, you will   have   6hrs walk, via   Lava Tower 4609m a.s.l, for the great   acclimatization, after descending  Down   to farm of   Giant ground Cell, to Barranco Valley 3945m a.s.l, and   overnight.


Day 4, From Barranco to   Karanga Camp, about, 3hrs walk   ascending Afterward descending to Karanga Valley, the   last   water   Point, ascent to camp karanga   4050m a.s.l. overnight for   more Acclimatization.


Day 5, after breakfast, from   Karanga camp   via   Barafu Hut4600m, a.s.l, for   half night, this is   very   special   night   for the   Summit   day. Around 12:00pm midnight start walk, via Stella Point first summit 5756m, 1hr walk,   to   UHURU PEAK 5896m, ROOF OF  AFRICA.DESCENDING down   to   Barafu   camp for   1hr rest, and   branch (Food) after.


Day 6, From   Barafu   Camp,   descending   all   the   way   down, skipping High Camp 3797m, to Mweka   Hut 3110m a.s.l,   overnight here, For   the   last night   in   the   park.


Day 7, after   breakfast you   descent down   via   rain forest, to Mweka gate 1750m.Sign   out and   have   you   Certificate   for   GATING   TO UHURU PEAK OR   STELLA   POINT, CO-GRATE. Drive   back   to   you   Hotel in   Moshi,   or Arusha. Proceed with another plan.


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Cost Breakdown:
Adults: Group: $1855, Mid-range: $2000,
Children: Group: $1855, Mid-range: $2000,